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Our Services


The Life Crisis Center, Inc. is proud to provide high quality therapy free of charge to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse as well as survivors of homicide in the tri-county region of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We work with children, adults, and family members who have been adversely impacted by the trauma of child abuse (physical and sexual), domestic violence, (as the primary victim, a child witness of domestic violence or family member), adults sexually abused as children, victims of sexual assault, sex trafficking and rape. LCC has begun providing therapeutic services to survivors of homicide as well. Services are also provided to the victim’s family members (secondary victims) as needed and upon request. Therapeutic services include individual treatment, family sessions and support groups.
Therapy services are provided by specialized therapists trained in treating trauma and interpersonal violence. These services are trauma-informed, best practice and evidence based. Our therapists understand the impact of trauma on children, adults and families and use therapeutic approaches that are proven to be effective in helping individuals heal and recover.
We know that not every individual responds to traumatic events in the same manner therefore our services are individualized to meet the needs of those seeking help. Our therapeutic services begin with an assessment to determine the best treatment plan to meet the needs of the child, adult or family. Treatment will be collaboration between the therapist and those seeking help. Therapists at the LCC are a part of a comprehensive team to provide as much support as needed. This includes a 24/7 crisis line, advocacy, legal support and shelter when imminent danger is present. Services can be accessed by calling 410-749-4357(HELP) or 410-749-0771.