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Lower Shore Family Visitation Center

106 Milford Street, Suite 104, Salisbury, MD 21804  (new location effective 7/25/22)
 410-749-8111 x 4
The Lower Shore Family Visitation Center provides opportunities for family members to maintain and rebuild healthy relationships by providing a safe and friendly place for onsite visiting with respective loved ones.  The care and concern first of all is for your children, and for families in transition. 
If you have been referred to a visitation program for you and your family member(s), an intake process is required before visits can begin. Anyone entering the Center for the purpose of transporting and/or visiting with a child must complete the intake process.  The Intake Worker will review these Policies and procedures with each party and will request a signature attesting that the policies have been read and reviewed, and that they understand the policies completely. 
In order to schedule this intake, please contact the Family Visitation Center at 410-749-8111 x 4.  There is not a staff person available at all times to answer questions in person, so please do not attempt to go to the location until you have an appointment scheduled. 
When the intake process has been completed by all participating parties, a visitation schedule will be developed which must be agreeable to by all parties  We understand that excusable absences may be necessary, such as for, circumstances related to a participating child, i.e. school/Church/community involvement activity; sickness of either participating party, (please supply the Center with a Doctor’s note); work or education related matters; or planned vacations.
Fees are due at the time of the appointment.  Failure to pay may result in service termination.  The fee for each visit is $30.00 per hour for Supervised Visitations, $10 each way for weekend Monitored Exchanges, $5 each way for same day exchanges and $60 per hour for Therapeutic Visitations.  Usually the fee for the visitation is owed to the Center by the visiting family member.  However, an individual may be eligible for a fee waiver or subsidized payment services through the referring agency.  If you think that you may qualify for these services, you must apply with the referring agency.  The fees listed above apply to cases in Wicomico, Worcester and Somerset Counties that are referred from the Circuit and District Courts.  Counties outside the local area served as well as private cases are subject to a higher fee schedule. 
A CANCELLATION FEE WILL APPLY FOR CANCELLATIONS MADE WITHOUT 24 HOUR ADVANCE NOTICE OF CANCELLATION.    Cancellation fees assessed are due from either party that violates the 24 four notice rule.  The cancellation fee is $20.  If your fees are waived or subsidized, you will be responsible to pay the cancellation fee.
Visits are held during the following hours:                 Thursday         5:30 - 7:30 pm
                                                                                   Saturday         10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Visits are one hour sessions based on the court order and availability.